Launching Inner Circle LAB

This is a major one! After so many years of management and consulting, an office full of “useful things” and an urge to serve the world… Ok, first I admit it: I have been hoarding useful things 🙂 and now throwing away a small forest of papers for recycling into toilet paper. I needed somewhere […]

New course! Advanced Personality

The first of four courses has now been released. You will find it here.   The first Q&A session is set for Friday 19 Jan 2018 at 17:00 in Central Europe (08:00 Pacific/11:00 East Coast). I will cover existential theory, psychology, Holland Interest Scales and why you shouldn’t use Myers-Brigg… You’ll find all my online offerings […]

25 Oct, 2014 | Frank Kern workshop

San Diego, CA: 24-25 October, 2014. Posting this when just back from San Diego and a great workshop with Frank Kern – he had also brought in Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer. You know I follow many of the brightest minds in this area – for our new strategy this was the perfect occasion. They are fast, […]

23 Sep 2013 | The ALD Program launched

San Jose, CA on 23rd Sep 2013 – we could finally launch the Accelerating Leadership Development program (ALD) and are now busy creating our portfolio of concepts and knowledge for internal mentors and executive coaches working with change projects and leadership development. A main objective is to attack the statistics that even today show that […]

Appointed leader of EMCC ‘Bridging gaps’

Just a quick message to say I have been chosen to lead an important group within the European Mentoring & Coaching Council: Bridging the Gaps. But are there not more than one gap? Of course, yes. Is it researchers and academia whose research is not practical enough for practitioners? Are the words too complicated and […]