Who else should know?

I provide both coaching/mentoring supervision and clinical supervision. My doctorate is in Counselling Psychology (Middlesex U, London) and I have a UK clinical authorisation (HCPC/BPS CPsychol), the BPS RAPPS accreditation (clinical supervisor) and an additional certificate for psychotherapy in Europe (EuroPsy). In addition, my MSc in Stockholm (2001) was non-clinical with focus on leadership psychology and personality.

The Clinical Helpdesk Service includes possible 3-4 days intensives for supervisees and others who need to know more about mental health issues and modern treatments. We go through the whole range of warning signs and psychiatric red flags - it will help you document and make referrals at the right time. Minimum 6 participants.

My dream project is intensive supervision and personal development for groups during winter months in this lovely, small hotel in the Málaga national forest. With 13 rooms it is perfect for supervision, group therapy and/or personal development.

The surroundings are great for discovery and experience with lots of animals, plants, ruins and simply silence. The hotel has a calm atmosphere and is just the right size for working intensely together. We can have the place virtually to ourselves so we can be loud, laugh and cry if needed. Transportation to/from the airport is about 1 hour: we'll pick you up there.I work fluently in English, German or Scandinavian languages (incl. groups). Minimum 8 participants.

Existential group therapy (my specialisation) works particularly well  in a retreat if you feel like burnout, suffer after divorce/conflict/grieving or you may simply want a week off to work on an issue. Foster parents who want to take time out will get special treatment. Therapy is subject to availability and we will need an intake interview.

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