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Paul O Olson

Laser focused | Global | Sustainable

Senior Executive turned Doctor of Psychology. Like me, you’re a life-long learner: 35+ years in leadership positions including global ones. I now help clients accelerate their leadership and strategy related projects.

If you’re a consultant coach or coaching psychologist, working with me means:

  • Community. Hit the ground running with colleagues you know, like and trust. Get known for heavy lifting where others fail. 
  • World-class mastermind. Join a world-class mastermind with peers who add great value to your professional and personal life. 
  • High-quality supervision. I’m EMCC Global accredited supervisor (ESIA) and Master Practitioner plus BPS Registered Practice Supervisor (RAPPS). 
  • Wheel of Business Life. Check if your business model can be improved such as to win more business and expand your playing field. 
  • Save money/earn more. Working together with colleagues will give you more fun and opportunities. (The ECM 2018 Survey said so).
  • Join the Global Services Directory. As a former head-hunter I keep track of senior practitioners and executives. 
  • Get ready for laser-focused and sustainable results


DISCOVER opportunities on “green”

You cannot know the future unless you create it and Green is an enormous business opportunity. Going green? I know I am. Our children, grand-children and life on the planet need everybody to act. As in ‘Now’. A whole new world for solo-preneurs to work together as a community on projects that matter. Help Green technology scale-ups. Help build sustainable organisations. Create growth communities. Lead social entrepreneurs. Coach green executive life styles. A whole new world of opportunities if solo-preneurs work together.

DREAM big, go higher

Join a community of leaders who support each other to build signature platforms on top of evidence based methods. A community of peers that you know, like and trust. Quality you can be proud of.

DEVELOP new business

You will get a crystal-clear plan to build your practice. As you go forward, labs and masterminds will help you experiment and find “what works, when and why”. Our clusters will be a natural place for developing your professional and personal life. And if you want accredition as  EMCC senior or master practitioner mentor/coach, the Bridge 2.0 Intensive provides a  fast-track.

DELIVER excellence

Keeping on top isn’t about chasing shiny objects or listening to gurus. When I developed the 7Domains framework with late emeritus Professor Alex Roberts of Edinburgh Business School, our vision was to combine the best of mentoring and coaching with his Strategic focus program. We called it “Accelerated Leadership Development”.

Those 7 Domains are my backbone themes leading to 5*STARS, the 5 key strategic ‘conversations’: Systemic thinking, Team development, Accelerators for leadership and organisational development, Building Results/ROI, and Strategic leadership in practice.


Frameworks are vital for competitive advantage, working together as a community and simply better, sustainable results. From there, communities, clusters, labs and masterminds lets you build, and build, and build your excellence.


Don’t settle for less than excellence.“

… my assessment is that Paul is outstanding to maximize value creation within management teams – independent of industry, nationality and culture.” – ex Senior Exec VP for a major airline

“… probably the fastest turnaround we’ve ever seen” – Chairman of the board for a joint venture in health insurance where Paul was lead coach and executive coach to the CEO

“… we’re still harvesting from your strategies” – a comment 3 years after I left the role as Business Unit Manager for Sterling Commerce, Nordic Europe

“…because he’s one of the best in Europe” – a business owner when asked by one of his CEOs why he hired an executive coach from Norway to coach a German management team, in German

“… What makes you unique and exceptional is your robust background in GE practices, coupled with your thorough understanding of mentoring and coaching, topped off by your Ph.D. in Psychology. That’s a rich and truly wonderful stew of skill sets, talents, and gifts that you bring to every client…” – an executive coach and mastermind leader who serves Fortune 500 C-suite executives

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