25 Oct, 2014 | Frank Kern workshop

Frank Kern
Frank Kern

San Diego, CA: 24-25 October, 2014. Posting this when just back from San Diego and a great workshop with Frank Kern – he had also brought in Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer. You know I follow many of the brightest minds in this area – for our new strategy this was the perfect occasion. They are fast, strategic thinkers with a pragmatic, needs focused approach. During my 11 years as executive search consultant, our clients and executive candidates often said how nice it was that we understood them with just a few appropriate questions. We didn’t waste their time and they knew we wouldn’t bring in candidates who couldn’t do the job. Great endorsements of course. They felt understood and they were.

Like coming home. These guys are street smart and pragmatic – what they do actually works like it is supposed to. Frank understood our next stage business model within five minutes, confirmed that it’s sound and then came up with additional resources (very relevant). Both confirmed that our business model is realistic. Expensive advice but you get what you pay for and I know excellence when I see it (irrespective of price, of course).

And another relief: we don’t need and didn’t get esoteric life coaching concepts; there was no reselling of guru-centric intellectual property; no law of attraction; no claim that we are all experts and have something valuable that the world has only been waiting for; no light show and hundreds of participants clapping hands; no do-it-yourself theory from 20+ with tech fingers but zilch business experience…

I highly recommend Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss. They’re excellent. In fact I had three great insights that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t gone. So you will see a lot of great content from us over the next very few months.