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Paul O Olson

I help leaders take laser focused action and build sustainable results - worldwide

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Paul has worked in international leadership and management roles since 1984, including global teams and projects. In General Electric he managed a team across 11 offices in 7 countries of consultants who built strategic systems for many of the world's leading companies, banks and institutions.

1988-1992 he was expert delegate to the UN ECE project to develop the electronic trade messages (EDIFACT) used for e-business, logistics and supply-chain management.  

He then became head-hunter in 1997 and in 2002, co-founder and Nordic partner in International Executive Search Foundation. After 11 years as a head-hunter he sold his practice, also stepping down from Global Practice Leader for IT/Telecom. By then, IESF had grown to 46 offices and #1 in the industry with partner companies in 46 countries.

To develop deeper services for leadership and organisational development, Paul completed an MSc in psychology that focused on leadership, personality and social psychology at Stockholm University (2002). He earned a doctorate in counselling psychology from Middlesex University 2015.

Since 2007 Paul has been active in organisational development and executive coaching and mentoring at the international level. He is member of International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) and in European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) he has led a research group and was co-founder to EMCC Norway.

He is full member of the Institute of Directors (UK) since 2002 and 2007-2014 lectured psychology and international corporate governance at the Norwegian Board Academy for about 400 alumni.Paul uses his experience to help business leaders, consultants and coaches become laser focused on how they can best develop new skills and contribute in bigger ways.

Based on a long career of challenge and learning he supports you to  build a new level signature practice across leadership development, international management and psychology.

In his Accelerated Leadership Blueprint he has distilled 35 years of experience, sharing a framework of tools, assessments and models for consultants, senior managers, business mentors and leadership coaches who develop new practices and services. The programs are made available worldwide through virtual technology and associates.

In Inner Circle you can join a signature community of coaches and mentors equipped to take on challenges in organisational development and build sustainable organisations whatever their size. With ageing leaders, companies of all sizes and in all industries need fill senior level positions. In the past, developing to this level has easily taken 15-20 years; it must be shortened to 5-7 years. Read more here: https://ecm.mykajabi.com/pages/senior-managers.

Paul is also passionate to help those who create green, sustainable technologies. We need you to save the planet. If you go to Twitter @PaulOOlson you can see tweets and retweets about important opportunities. If this resonates with you, chances are that you are a good candidate for Paul’s programs.

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