EMCC Research project ‘Bridging gaps’ | The results

As the leader of this research group, I was proud to present our results at the EMCC Research Conference after a year and half of discussions, Zoom conferences and exchanging comments on LinkedIn. Our research group finished two articles.

The research questions had addressed the gap between academic theory and everyday practice:

Is it researchers and academia whose research is not practical enough for practitioners? Are the words too complicated and ‘academc’? Is it true that scientific research is too slow? too fragmented to be of use? Do we need to review the paradigm i.e. instead of an applied science of other human sciences will coaching & mentoring need to create original research?

If it cannot be experimental, can it be action research? Emergent methodology? Grounded theory approach? Yes to all.

Perhaps practitioners in these days of marketing, pyramids and social media marketing are less interested in ‘evidence’ anyway? True for some. Why give up intellectual property? But we were also concerned that many providers seem like snake oil salespeople, recycling invalid theory.

Above all, how little evidence is ethically all right?

You might want to read the final version:

Bridging the Gap between Practice and Research: A dialogue between members

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