Launching Inner Circle LAB

And helping to save the planet. We need a community of highly skilled… After many years of management and consulting, I recognised a higher mission called ‘protecting the planet’ for our children’s and grand-children’s sake. But how? Now, if theory was the important thing, let me tell you this: I have an office full of “stuff” […]

Updated course: Advanced Personality Theory

A comprehensive, holistic approach. I have covered existential theory, psychology, Holland Interest Scales and even why Myers-Brigg is not what it says… Hope you’ll love it! For the course page, click here The ECM Project homepage is here

High-Performance Mastery 2018

Some people are just worth following and Brendon Burchard is one of them.  When my friend late Professor Alex Roberts (Edinburgh Business School) had bought his Experts Academy program and gotten two tickets to San Jose CA, I was sceptical but I joined Alex because we planned to work together and what’s better than actually […]

Certified Marshall Goldsmith 360

If you’re working with executive teams, you probably have used a 360 assessment. The problem with most of them is that the theory behind is general, whereas leadership is always contextual. What is right in one environment might be wrong in another – this is particularly the case when you’re crossing over between cultures. Another […]

23 Sep 2013 | The ALD Program launched

San Jose, CA on 23rd Sep 2013 – we could finally launch the Accelerating Leadership Development program (ALD) and are now busy creating our portfolio of concepts and knowledge for internal mentors and executive coaches working with change projects and leadership development. A main objective is to attack the statistics that even today show that […]