High-Performance Mastery 2018

Some people are just worth following and Brendon Burchard is one of them. 

When my friend late Professor Alex Roberts (Edinburgh Business School) had bought his Experts Academy program and gotten two tickets to San Jose CA, I was sceptical but I joined Alex because we planned to work together and what’s better than actually spend intensive time together. Turned out we actually had a very good time.

Later I bought Brendon’s High Performance on-line stuff and coaching, plus attended a three day live event in San Diego CA. Lots of interesting stuff. My colleague Tom Teague went a bit further to become a Certified High-Performance Coach, if you ever need one.

If you’re familiar with my 7 Domains model for Accelerating Leadership Development, Brendon’s stuff is in the lower right corner for personal productivity.

Feel tempted to an aside here … you see, Brendon explains how he prepares for 3 long days at the stage teaching and how he uses ice cold baths in the evening to prevent muscle stiffness. Amazing discipline (yes I’ve guessed his Big 5 personality). And no, I feel absolutely zero urge to be on stage with an audience of thousands of people for three days with full speed and I definitely rule out ice cold baths 🙂 As an attendee I was much better off with a couple of beers than the healthy stuff that Brendon does. I know, I shouldn’t say 😉

Regard this as a recommendation. Brendon has a lot of value to teach about personal performance and much of it is free on YouTube. He has couple of million followers and been on front-pages, Oprah, 60 minutes. These days he and Denise have moved to the Caribbean to run HPX – High Performance Experience – together. Brendon’s new book High Performance Habits is a must-read. High five, Brendon!