IC LIVE 2021

After Covid-19 we want to reconvene for Inner Circle LIVE 2021. We are planning a 3 days summit and mastermind, a meeting of minds, small enough (50-60 people) to make it easy for networking; senior enough to create high-level reflection and community building; and prestigious enough to invite guest experts.

Of course, things have changed, so we might stage a virtual summit.  Yet,, we do think that virtual cannot really replace the atmosphere, close contacts and tabletalk of a well-managed summit. Leading up to the summit, we will of course meet on Zoom to get introduced to each other.

This is the worldclass way of doing these things – as learnt from some of the best organisers in the world. We’re planning an unforgettable event…

The seminal idea came already in 2008 when presenting at the first International Conference of Coaching Psychology. It resulted in an academic paper that has been read on all continents (it is part of Great Wall Seminars). I later worked with Alex Roberts (Em Prof at Edinburgh Business School) but when he died in 2015, I had to create my own approach.

IC Live is a workshop and gathering. Our main purpose is interaction, community building and co-creation. If you’re interested in being part of an Inner Circle of professionals and experts, please Contact Us.

Due to limited seats and the nature of this event, we  will contact you for an interview and application.

This is for you if you are  a fairly experienced organisational consultant, psychologist, executive coach or senior manager. We expect everybody to contribute with their own experience and join us as we learn and co-create, explore, demonstrate and discuss state-of-the-art methods and techniques. Topics include the usage of masterminds to develop high-potential leaders and project champions, building successful projects, and challenges in senior management teams.

Click on the picture for the hotel video. Marinas de Nerja is in southern Spain, 50 mins from Málaga. We will provide shuttle transport as needed. There is a ton of historic sites and things you can do (rafting, climbing, plants, animals or simply sightseeing). With a day trip you reach Málaga, Sevilla, Gibraltar, overlook/ferry to Morocco, Grenada with Alhambra or the peaks of Sierra Nevada all the way up to 3500 metres. Málaga Airport is convenient but you can also come down from Madrid via high-speed train to Málaga. You should come the evening before for a welcome reception and networking.

We promise 4 great days of personal and professional development, community building and simply fun!

Don’t miss out! Click here to say you’re interested.