Launching Inner Circle LAB

Who else should know?

This is a major one!

After so many years of management and consulting, an office full of “useful things” and an urge to serve the world… Ok, first I admit it: I have been hoarding useful things 🙂 and now throwing away a small forest of papers for recycling into toilet paper.

I needed somewhere to put it all! I’ve been involved in change management and business development for the whole of my working life and as a consultant became a master of ‘hoarding good ideas’…

Now launching my Inner Circle as a subscription area where I can give you my most valuable lessons from management, psychology, coaching, mentoring and organisational change. Many topics that are hard to find in thick textbooks – practice rather theory.

Topics will be added in the next few months and will include Effective project steering, root cause analysis, managing in times of crisis, team analysis, Kotter’s dual OS, setting up dialogues in M&A, strategic focus, LEAN and my 7 Domains for taking champions and high potential employees from team leaders into the boardroom.

For a short period of time you can get Inner Circle Lab (IC Lab for short – aka “I See”) with 50% discount as an introductory offer. 

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