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It is certainly true that you don’t know the future until you’ve created it. And I wanted to create, if not unique, at least extremely powerful tools and processes for accelerating leadership development. You’ll see some of the journey on this page.

DISCOVER – World class masterminds

Are you tired of being bombarded with things and tools that we are supposed to need? I know I was. In The Accelerated Leadership Blueprint we are cutting through to what really counts and accelerates change – and we do it together after the foundational boot-camp.

I am a strong believer that real organisational, professional and personal strength can only grow from interaction with others; therefore my program is the fruit of 30+ years searching for best practices and working in the field. You will learn how to facilitate groups such that people learn and develop  together. And you will learn how this can accelerate leadership development in ways that are both unique and powerful.

That’s a promise.

Lead2Excellence – my premium mastermindThis is a high-level, expert mastermind for senior practitioners and C-suite executives. 8-12 people compatible but different in experience, personality and challenge will meet for 3 x 4 days residential and regularly via video-conference (Zoom) .

This is for you if you are prepared to be challenged and committed to professional and personal growth. Mail me at info(at) to set up a Zoom interview.

The BRIDGE. A virtual mastermind for senior managers, management consultants, executive coaches and coaching psychologists. Available worldwide this is a unique 9 months mastermind to develop your signature, evidence-based coaching or mentoring.

The BRIDGE currently has 3 modules: (1) Coaching/mentoring trends and practices (virtual boot camp); (2) A corporate style mastermind with skills upgrade, peer support and practice supervision. The third module is optional: (3) Our writing module helps you prepare for accreditation with European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) or both.

DEVELOP – Accelerate your professional and personal development

Masterminds are central to both Lead2Excellence and The BRIDGE. In Lead2Excellence you learn to facilitate world-class masterminds for different purposes. You can read more about this here.

Another main component is directed training and mentoring – we point to relevant resources to accelerate your own professional development. I became a head-hunter in 1997 and know a few things about how careers are developed (and broken).

Some topics are so important for working together as an Inner Circle that we have created separate courses and boot-camps:

Online courses include Q&A and group coaching:

  • Advanced Personality Theory
  • 7 Domains
  • Boardroom Analysis and Due Diligence

Planned 2018 virtual boot-campa and masterclasses:

  • Modern group psychology
  • International corporate governance
  • Developing Strategic Focus

INNER CIRCLE – Deliver your signature experience

Inner Circle LIVE (IC LIVE, Nov ’18). A 3 day event for 50-100 organisational consultants, coaches, mentors and HR executives in Nerja, Spain (50 minutes from Málaga). Highly interactive, this is a great opportunity to meet and work with a global network of experts and senior practitioners. News will appear here: Inner Circle LAB. A subscription service for those involved in organisational development, IC LAB will become a powerful resource with papers, book reviews, links, videos, short courses, Q&A and bi-weekly office hours. With my partners I will go in depth in expert areas such as strategic thinking, global projects, mentoring, coaching and frameworks. You can now find all my courses, seminars and masterminds on 

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