LEAN+ | Add psychology to technology

LEAN+ adds a solid human perspective on top of processes and strategy projects.

Combinations of coaching, mentoring and consulting increase your chances of success in organisational development. Dramatically. Supported by senior managers, tailored to the people and anchored with strategic focus, you have a fantastic toolkit.

LEAN is a great process for mapping and improvements. It can be combine with bottleneck thinking, (Theory of Constraint), supply/distribution chains (EDI, Just-in-time) and you can aim for perfect quality in critical components (Six Sigma). Whether you manage with Kata or Agile, or project management depends on the industry you’re in. Add IoT/Industry 4.0 and you open new business models. 

Great leaders care about employees and human factors.  

LEAN+ is part of my management consulting approach where we identify bottlenecks/root problems, create solutions and accelerators to get the whole sysetm to the next level. 

For turnarounds and big changes we developed a strategic model with 4 action areas : 1) here-and-now analysis (2) crisis interventions, 3) short-term actions and 4) long-term strategic focus. Short-term actions can include second opinions, due diligence, briefings, workshops and corporate masterminds.

About my background for LEAN+

In GE I had large shipping companies (breakbulk and container) as customers and attended Seatrade Academy, European Logistic Management Program and internal GE programs for e-Business in the US. As a trade expert I got involved in the UN ECE workgroup on electronic  trade documents (e-business, logistics, supply-chain management), B2B and B2C sales. Customers were in Electronics, Chemical, FMCG, Apparel, Oil & gas and other industries. I understand Industry 4.0, LEAN, Kata, Six Sigma and Theory of constraint (TOC) both from the technical and human side and applied LEAN+ with 11 of Ford Motor Company’s Norwegian dealers.

I speak fluent Scandinavian, German and English; plus enough to read French, Italian and Spanish. No need to translate anything from those languages. Contact us for a free session : info@nordicheads.com