Nordic partner head-huntersOil Executive Search AB | Associate partner. Head-hunters who cover the Nordic countries, with an extensive global network that can find key resources at all levels including interim management. Oil will be hosting the Global Coach/Mentor Services Directory, where we can find coaches, mentors and consultants with knowledge of 'green technologies'. Read more

Dr Tom Teague | Based in San Diego, California, Tom is on contract as Chief Tech Officer (CTO) for my ECM Project. He is also a Joint Venture partner for my clients. Tom is an expert on web-based infrastructure for SME and business owners. He has worked as project manager (including Agile) for organisations such as Exxon, NASA and FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  Read more

Conpleo Global AB | Associate partner. Founded by senior managers with background from Ericsson, IBM and other brands, Conpleo help create, execute and transform marketing and sales in complex B2B. Conpleo’s experience range from start-ups to global companies; services include operational support, advisory and 'Marketing & Sales as Service'; our cooperation focuses on strategic mentoring/coaching programs that transform culture, processes, customer experience and sales performance. Read more

Other important partnerships will be listed soon